My Story

Yoga is my true passion...

The practice found me over ten years ago and has followed me around with nurturing love ever since.

My yoga experience began at Charlestown Yoga in Boston, Massachusetts while volunteering for a non-profit organization which offered alternative healing services to veterans. In exchange, I was able to take yoga classes at the studio.

I soon became a regular, sometimes taking two, even three classes each day. Simultaneously, I experienced a couple of unexpected lay-offs from my jobs in online advertising sales and this opened up some space to make what was initially a physical practice a very spiritual journey for me.

With the completion of my 200 hour yoga teacher certification in 2007, I began to pursue my teaching career in yoga. First, managing the studio part-time and then, teaching as many classes as I could in and around Boston.

This journey through my practice has paved the path for many of the challenges I would face later on in a way that nothing else could have prepared me for.

In 2011, at age 35, I was teaching yoga and running a Bed & Breakfast on Martha's Vineyard when I was diagnosed with stage 2/3 triple negative breast cancer. My life turned upside down. Planning a wedding turned into deciding on a treatment plan for the following year. 16 chemo treatments, two surgeries and 30 days of radiation is what followed.

That is what my treatment looked like on paper, but I believe I was saved because of yoga, the community at MGH, and my 'tribe'. Students would pop up with messages of love and support when I least expected it, at hospitals, on the street, along with various other places and in moments that you couldn't predict if you tried. I practiced hot power yoga the day after chemo with a bald head, surrounded by my tribe.

This is what yoga is, a place where we can turn things off and look inside ourselves, without judgement or ego but with vulnerability and humble love. I am 7 years cancer free, a wife and mother of two small children. I have faith and hope and yoga taught me that.

My students and colleagues continually inspire and teach me so much about myself. This is what I hope to share with you - on and off the mat.


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