"I have been practicing yoga regularly for fifteen years and Amber is the best instructor I have had. Amber connects with her students on a personal level and cares about everyone. She is warm, friendly and welcoming to all. I enjoy Amber's classes because she is challenging and motivating to each of her students on an individual level. She is open and often shares how her own yoga practice helps her in her daily life. Through modeling the impact yoga has on her own life, Amber inspires, motivates, and encourages her students to challenge and push themselves to try things they didn't think were possible. Amber has a great way of explaining how to get into and out of different poses, as well as what the benefits of each pose are. Her teaching and guidance on the principles of yoga and the seven chakras has enabled me to make the mind, body, spirit connection that is at the heart of a rewarding yoga practice. Making connections with what I've learned in Amber's classes has helped to inspire and enable me to become and to stay grounded, centered, focused, and open in my life during both good times and bad. I have taken the principles of meditation that I have learned in Amber's classes and applied them in my life to help bring feelings of peace, calm, and being grounded when needed. I have also learned to rely on my sense of intuition through Amber's teaching and the readings she shares regularly in class. Amber has inspired me to share the yoga principles and postures that I have benefitted from with my own family, friends, and the students in my third grade class. And that is the legacy of any great teacher."

-Mary Hallin (Baystate Athletic Club)


"I had never done yoga before and when I went to classes at the YMCA, I was lost. Large classes, numerous instructors, different styles of Yoga  and no personal instruction. Then, I took private lessons from Amber, life changing. I explained my reasons for private lessons and Amber "got it." Amber was professional, patient, explained the lexicon, clear with instructions, and listened when I had a problem,  then worked with me to solve it. I take Yoga/Pilates classes 3-5 times a week at the gym where Amber is one of the instructors, she challenges her students but is respectful of individual limitations. Amber appreciates feedback, and looks for ways to improve her practice as well as her students."

-Judy Burns (Baystate Athletic Club)

"I have been studying yoga on and off for about 20 years I have been fortunate to have studied with some amazing teachers. I find myself blessed again to be studying with Amber who is a wonderful teacher. Amber is inclusive and  easily connects with her students due to her joyful spirit and passion for teaching. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will learn from her. I have seen my practice steadily improve as a result of her teaching. Amber's class is the highlight of my day and the main reason why I still belong to the Y."

-Nancy Doherty (Emilson YMCA)

"In a world filled with Sun Salutations, I have found that the instructor behind the sequences is what distinguishes a good yoga class for me. I had the good fortune to stumble into Amber’s class and it quickly became part of my routine as I rediscovered yoga. Amber consistently finds innovative ways to challenge me during class while periodically revisiting postures to reinforce the feeling of progress. Her deep knowledge of the practice of yoga is only supplemented by her warm and welcome energy. As a fledgling instructor myself, Amber has taken a vested interest in my journey and has made an effort to attend my classes and provide feedback. Whenever I leave Amber's class, my body and soul feel good.

-Ryan Walsh (Emilson YMCA)