"It is not about finding peace, it's about being at peace with what we find."


Private Yoga Lessons

Enjoy expert yoga instruction in your home or workplace. I can customize classes to be appropriate for all skill levels making this a fun and engaging activity for friends, family, and workplace gatherings.

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"In a world filled with Sun Salutations, I have found that the instructor behind the sequences is what distinguishes a good yoga class for me. I had the good fortune to stumble into Amber’s class and it quickly became part of my routine as I rediscovered yoga. Amber consistently finds innovative ways to challenge me during class while periodically revisiting postures to reinforce the feeling of progress. Her deep knowledge of the practice of yoga is only supplemented by her warm and welcome energy. As a fledgling instructor myself, Amber has taken a vested interest in my journey and has made an effort to attend my classes and provide feedback. Whenever I leave Amber's class, my body and soul feel good.

-Ryan Walsh